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Send money from the USA to your loved ones in over 20 countries for only $4.95 or even less. Enjoy an easy, fast & secure money transfer process with fair exchange rates and no hidden fees only on SendMoney.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I send money online?
    First, you need to select the country you would like to send money to and how much money you’d like to send.
    Once you fill in these details we’ll display the exchange rate of the transfer and the amount that your recipient will receive in their local currency.
    You will need to open an account or login (if you already have one), enter the recipient information as well as your personal information, and proceed with the payment.
  • Are there any hidden fees when sending money?
    There are no extra, hidden fees! You will only pay a processing fee per each transaction. Once you enter your transfer details, you will be able to see the processing fee amount on the Checkout page, before sending the actual money transfer.
  • Will the receiver need to pay additional fees to receive the money?
    No. Your receiver will get the amount you entered, without any fees being deducted from the transfer.
  • How much is the processing fee for money transfers?
    No matter how much money you send back home, you will pay only a fixed fee of $4.95 for your transfer. With SendMoney.com you will enjoy a great exchange rate & no hidden fees.
  • How long does it take to send money?
    It takes on average 15 minutes for a money transfer to be complete. However, please note that the processing will depend on the local time of the receiving country, as well as the opening hours of the bank or pick up location.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    You can safely and securely send money using any major US debit card.

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